CMS/CRM Tyrion

Content management system for editing web pages

The content management system is used to edit websites and e-shops. The name CMS Tyrion is derived from the "content management system" (CMS) and the name Tyrion, which is derived from a favorite character from the series Game of Thrones.

CMS Tyrion is a Slovak product and its structure and functions are derived with experience in creating websites, e-shops and requirements of our clients who use the system daily. Our CMS is relatively small, fast, object-oriented and, most importantly, constantly updated, because we know that development is still moving forward.

The main advantage of our CMS is maximum customizability for the client and at the same time that CMS Tyrion is a closed system, which means that we do not provide access to source code and run it exclusively on our servers.

This allows us to maintain the security, speed and availability of our web-based solutions running on CMS Tyrion.

CMS Tyrion allows you to

  • Texts and descriptions on the website
  • Add photos to text and galleries
  • Create and edit gallery groups
  • Add videos from Youtube, Vimeo and dailymotion
  • Create and fully manage MENU navigation
  • Create any subpages, news and updates
  • Upload documents and view them on a web page
  • Create and manage users (admin, editor ... )
  • Create and edit forms
  • Edit the sitemap of the website


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Our work

Basic parts and modules

We have been developing CMS Tyrion for several years now, and in that time Tyrion has expanded into several uses. In addition to the ability to edit website content, CMS Tyrion includes the following modules and standalone parts.


Website editing system


Module for real estate agencies with the possibility of export to real estate portals


Module for the catering industry, as a website for a café, restaurant or nightclub


A separate branch of CMS Tyrion suitable for large e-shops, also referred to as CRM Tyrion.


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