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Redesign of real estate agency website is a real estate website for selling Turkish real estate with nine language versions. It is an established brand with good indexation in Google and also good search positions. Therefore, the main requirement was to maintain the positions and possibly improve them. This was a difficult task as the structure of the site was completely different and in addition the site had 9 language versions.

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Assignment from the client

  • Maintain indexed links from Google so that they do not lose search engine rankings, for all language versions of the site
  • One administration for two domains, and The original site had two separate administrations, and therefore it was necessary to add ads twice. If the client clicks on the SVK version, the site is redirected to the domain
  • Create a new design for the real estate website, including a new logo.
  • Use red colour in the design and incorporate a map of Turkey.
  • Maintain all language versions of the site, including two Arabic RTL versions.
  • Modify the TyrionReal administration to make it possible to create real estate language versions with one click, when clicked, the complete content of the listing is copied and only the listing title needs to be edited.
  • Add English and German language versions to the TyrionReal administration, as properties are added to the administration by Turkish employees.

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