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We were approached by a certified language school that conducts internationally certified German language exams with a request to redesign their website and improve their search engine rankings.

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About the project

The client's requirements were a new website design, a school logo on the homepage, displaying the school's credo, improved Google rankings and a language version of the website.

We started by analyzing the requirements and competition, prepared a graphic design of the website and after approval we started working on the website itself. The client had a clear idea about the structure of the website, however, where we had to put the brakes on the client's requirements as the client's requirement was to have up to five levels of site navigation. Fortunately, the client supplied us with enough content for the website, which allowed us to work more with the SEO setup of the website.

Technical on-page SEO

Tangible results and a shift in Google rankings!

The search positions were disastrous and for several keywords the Reboli language school was not even in the top 100 and thus invisible to potential candidates and language courses.

Required keywords:

"language school reboli"
"German course kosice"
"German language course kosice"
"German course for doctors"
"language tests goethe kosice"

In order to improve SEO and rankings, we made sure to use the right keywords in the headings, in the text on the website and in the meta descriptions of the website, which should lead to better results in search engines.

Of course, the results have come and the current positions as well as the website traffic and the influx of new clients have demonstrably increased.

We are satisfied with the result of SEO optimization and we think that the client is not complaining.

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