E-shop and customized CRM

E-shop and complete CRM solution to cover the running of the company, automation of processes, setting of standards and linking to accounting systems for one of the largest sellers of tyres, wheels and accessories for motorists.

Long-term cooperation and development of a customized CRM system with gradual completion of functions and applications, such as a web application for mechanics to automate processes, or a web application for inventory, a C++ application to link the cash register with the CRM and more.

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Objectives of the project

The client had a similar system to what they required, but the problem was in the structure of the code and the overall obsolescence of the databases, their structure and communication problems with the original supplier of the CRM solution.

The requirements of A STEEL s.r.o. were to maintain the functionality of the CRM, which will be programmed in object code, so that it is not a problem to update it and the code is clear and mainly with project documentation. Other project goals were added gradually, many times based on the client's experience. The plan was to prepare the CRM ASTEEL within 10 months so that it would be ready for the season and then start adding features, applications and automating processes to facilitate the work of all positions that work with the CRM (warehousemen, salespeople, mechanics, accountants, managers, owner).

Other goals were to launch a new website, speed up searches, improve search engine rankings, and more.

Automation, functionality and applications

The start of the project began with an analysis of the necessary tasks so that we would be able to migrate from the old CRM to the new one. Migrations of warehouses, clients, warehouse moves, client ownership, duplications and other intricacies had to be addressed.

After the analysis, we refined our priorities and started by creating a separate system for processing warehouses, stock transfers and sales. We called the system TyreStock and ran it on a separate server. The system allows processing of arbitrary stock from different suppliers, internal warehouses and e-stores. Import of warehouses and availability is fully automated right after the first import pairing and it is possible to add new warehouses conveniently using the administration.

Alongside this, we have already started working on the CMR ASTEEL itself, designing and preparing the admin interface, solving layouts, functions, testing and gradually expanding the base. Over time, we prepared a customized, section by section solution for A STEEL CRM:

Product list, manufacturers, storage management, stock movements, pricing, product reservations, branch management, export to heureka and more.

Filtering, purchase process actions, payment status, inventory, notes, discounts, connection to carriers, connection to accounting program, document printing, receipt printing, and more.

Reservation system:
Booking overview, email and sms notifications, quick booking, interface for mechanics, list of clients' stored assets and more.

Client list, client editing, client merging for duplication, debtors list and more.

Stored assets of clients:
List of clients' stored assets, edit assets, list of clients' vehicles, and more.

Printing of various documents such as invoices, credit notes, service records, storage records, printing of receipts and their archiving, etc.

Project status and results


The ASTEEL CRM project has been running successfully for the fourth year, with functionality being gradually added and existing features being improved. The warehouse system successfully handles more than 60 warehouses and connected e-shops. The company has successfully switched completely to CRM and the entire company is running on CRM ASTEEL and has automated a significant part of the operations.

Google search rankings have obviously improved and A STEEL Ltd's turnover has increased from 2.1 million since launch in 2016 to 3.9 million in 2019, which is approximately +83%.

Year of creation
2017 - ongoing
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